June 2020


From now until Christmas is what we consider to be the best time in our future lifetimes to buy properties. We have already seen the ability to get an extra 10% discount on our purchases compared to February prices and see this lasting until the end of the year. The underlying economics were good before Covid 19 and so we expect the property market to recover reasonably quickly. So now is the time to be buying.


Our clients agree.


We have three core products that we provide to clients and two are now sold out in the last two months. We have orders on the books for the whole of the rest of this year.


Portfolio Builder – we can source 70 properties this year – all of those have been reserved

Cash Flow Builder Plus – we can source 100 more of these this year – all of these have been reserved.


The only product we have available – which is superb – is Cash Flow Builder. We can source 140 of these before Christmas and have 36 slots remaining.


That is 36 properties that meet the golden Six C’s rules to only buy world class properties and 36 properties that will be sourced, negotiated on, bought, refurbished and managed, and 36 properties with cash flow yield of at least 7.2%.


If you have £40,000-£250,000 then click here to find out more about Cashflow Builder

If you have £250+ to invest into property and want 6+ houses before Christmas then click here to find out about Insight Silver

If you have £500k plus to invest there are two spaces left to work with Aran personally as a JV. click here for Joint Venture £500,000


Lastly if you do not want it done for you but would rather get educated visit our site Insight Education – click here


Thank you to all our clients who are committed to more properties


Kindest Regards