At The Insight Group we make client’s dreams come true, through Property Investment. Our team of Property Experts will build you a portfolio that will make you financially independent. This will leave you to turn your dreams into reality – all you have to do is take the first step to financial freedom and contact our Property Experts, the Investment Team today. They will guide you through our products, ensuring you are working with the right product for you that will achieve your goal of financial freedom.
Our models are built on our CEO and founders experience. Aran Curry has a personal portfolio of over 200 properties. The Insight Group guarantees by following our Six C’s (which are explained in depth within this website),when you are purchasing properties, you will meet your desired financial goals. We will introduce you to our world class experts including Solicitors, Accountants and Mortgage Brokers, who will guide you through every aspect of your purchase ensuring you always have the most up-to-date legal and tax advice. Our Mortgage Brokers will evaluate your current financial situation to allow you to fully understand what equity you can release and your borrowing limits, ensuring you have a decision in principle when you need one.


If you plan to ever buy another investment property this is a must use checklist. It has saved our clients millions of pounds of investment mistakes over the years.


With over 1300 properties now bought for our clients and hundreds of clients that we are helping invest and grow superb portfolio we are now fully subscribed. As each client refinances and buys more – all our available property is taken by current clients leaving no room for new clients. There are two ways we can potentially help you with more details below.

Our ‘Three Properties Fast’ product allows someone to have three buy to let properties sourced, negotiated on, solicitor sorted, mortgage sorted, purchased, refurbished, tenanted and managed. This product is only available if a current client for some reason decides they do not want as many properties as they initially thought. So there is a waiting list to join if someone else frees up space. Minimum investment is £120k. Let us know you are interested and we can add you to the waiting list if you are.

Our ‘Sophisticated Investors’ products are just for sophisticated investor and allow investor to explore other types of investment. Investment starts at £250k. Click the link below to see what we have available for a more experienced investor.



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