Investment Products

IP Silver

– minimum investment £250,000

For the cash flow driven client, who would like to guarantee to buy properties with the best rental profit from day one. This is an exceptional product, if your plan is for retirement and would like to be able to live of the income within twelve years.  When purchasing your first your first property, you will pay a Mentorship fee, as an elite £250,000+ investor, you will receive not only *The Insight Group Mentorship fee benefits, but also the Elite benefits as a valued client.

(6 years)


(12 years)




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The Insight Group

– Elite Benefits includes:
  • Property queue jump – as soon as you chosen your product, you will immediately start to receive properties to purchase for portfolio.
  • You will receive complimentary tickets to Property Mentorship Academy 3 day events for 10 friends.
  • You will receive a free membership to the Insight VIP Education programme. Which is 16 days of in-depth training by Aran and his team of experts.
  • Lifetime access to the Ask Aran Property Forum, so you can personally ask him any questions, to help you build your property portfolio ensuring you achieve your financial independence.
  • Your personal portfolio assistant will help you complete any mortgage or Legal paperwork during each purchase, at your business premises or home.
  • Aran will personally review your portfolio each year and advise you on the next steps to achieving your financial and portfolio goals.
  • Accountancy fees – if you need investment advice on how to set up the right financial structure, we’ll ensure this is taken care of, you’ll use Aran’s personal tax accountant.
  • Networking Events – Three times a years at venues across the UK, we will host an Elite event to help you network with other clients.

All our Investment products after 12 years, where an initial investment of £250,000, will create an income for life of £171,000 per annum from the rental growth and equity release. Which is inflation proofed as based on the property’s increasing in value per annum at 5%, when the national average has been 7.9% over the last 85 years.