Cashflow Builder

Cashflow Builder

– minimum investment £120,000

For the cash flow driven client, who would like to guarantee to buy properties with the best rental profit from day one. This is an exceptional product, if your plan is for retirement and would like to be able to live of the income within twelve years.

(6 years)


(12 years)



The Insight Group

– membership fee includes:
  • The Insight Group guarantees that you will never again buy a bad property – if all your properties purchased meet our Six C’s.
  • As part of your membership you will gain 24/7 access to the property expert forum where you can ask any property related questions to support you in the development of your property portfolio.
  • We will introduce you to our world class mortgage brokers who will evaluate your current financial situation to ensure you have a full understanding of what equity you can release.
  • We will also arrange DIP for all of your purchases in advance, ensuring we can get the best property deals for you. We will always ensure you are on the best possible deals.
  • A dedicated personal property co-ordinator who will manage all your rental properties, to ensure that all rentals and rent collections run smoothly. Letting you carry on with your busy life.
  • You will be also allocated a client services manager who will look after the management of all refinances, including the preparation of mortgage valuation packs ensuring that we get you the maximum refinance valuation for all your Insight Group purchases.
  • We will arrange full building insurance management and claim management (where required).
  • As a valued client you will be registered in the friends and family loyalty scheme leading to a 10% discount from the mentorship fee for each person you refer, and also a 10% re-imbursement from your mentorship fee, and a further 10% for each further referral you make within 12 months of you joining The Insight Group.
  • Specialised tax advice: our tax specialist will show you how to offset all fees paid against tax returns.
  • We will also give you access to Aran’s tax planning package helping 98% of people work out exactly what the right structure to buy their properties is.
  • The Insight Group will also help you set up Ltd companies if any are required to build your property portfolio and ensure maximum profits.

All our Investment products after 12 years, where an initial investment of £120,000, will create an income for life of £70,000 per annum from the rental growth and equity release. Which is inflation proofed as based on the property’s increasing in value per annum at 5%, when the national average has been 7.9% over the last 85 years.