Joint Venture

My first ever joint venture was with Mark, he invested 100K with me, our Property Portfolio now has 72 properties and continues to grow. Mark now has an income of £8000 per month and equity growth of £300,000 per annum from his initial investment with me of £100,000.

I have opened recently just 10 spaces to work with investors, once the slots are gone, there will be no more. As you read this you may have already missed the opportunity, or you may be lucky and there is a space left for us to work together.

To qualify you must firstly have two things, £500,000 to invest in growing a Property Portfolio with me, as a joint venture.

Secondly and equally as important we need to be the right fit, so we can work together.  This is very important to me, I have already said NO to some investors, that I did not think were the right fit. There is no guarantee we will work together on this incredible  opportunity, but we will not know unless you make the first step and contact me.

Remember Mark invested only £100,000 with me and now has a tax-free income of £8000 per month and is Financially Free. Think what I could achieve with you investing £500,000 into our joint venture.

So, all you need to do if agree to work together, is provide £500,000 as a loan to a Ltd company, that is owned jointly by us with 50% of the company shares each. The company will then grow an impressive highly profitable Property Portfolio including Family Lets, Holiday Lets, and HMO properties. I will personally start the growth of the portfolio and ensure that the growth continues under my guidance.

The money you invest remains yours and loaned as an investment to the company, which can be withdrawn from the equity release at your time of choosing. Once we have grown the portfolio to our agreed goals. Once are goals are achieved you will have not only have had returned, your initial £500,000 investment. But will own 50% off a highly successful Property Portfolio, personally developed by myself giving you a month on month tax-free income for life.

If you think we would be a great fit, then contact my team now to arrange for us to make the first steps on this exciting journey.

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